Interview on the Åland Islands, 2017

Check out my bed-headed interview (in Swedish), originally on Åland radio: “Nonsenslitteratur og lydpoesi” 

Click above, and then the little arrow to hear. This interview was conducted when I was the Resident Artist at the Eckerö Post and Customs House, on the Åland Islands, in May 2017. We talk about what brought me to Eckerö and some very basic definitions of nonsense. Make sure to ask Google to translate the page to English and you will discover that I am (and proudly so), a “mum infant.”

Gromboolia Anthology Recent Quackisitions, No. 2

In the spirit of new things, new years, and the Official Second Update to the Gromboolia Anthology of Nonsense (soon to box the ears of Star Wars at the box office), I present to you Recent Quackisitions. There have been several addition of late, but here are a few highlights:

“Nonsense is the Fourth Dimension of Literature”

You don’t have to believe me…but I’m afraid you do have to believe Gelett Burgess, peripatetic discoverer of dubious dimensions and author of The Burgess Nonsense Book, noble addition to our Anthology.

As you can see from the title page, not everything in this book is meant to be nonsense, and even some that claims to be may not, in our fusty dustiness of nonsense definition, fit–but nonsense there is within, as seen in Burgess’s theoretical physics, not to mention his spotting the Muse of Nonsense.

“a notable nimbus of nebulous noonshine”

Next is Algernon Charles Swinburn, whose literary excess is famous–and yet how fortunate he saw through his own bluster. His poem “Nephelidia” goes all-in on the all-inness of allinity.

“The Cause of Gauze”

Lastly, another must-hear from Of Montreal’s masterpiece album, Coquelicot 

Asleep in the Poppies: A volume of whimsical verse (2001). This is a spoken-word piece, “The Events Leading Up To The Collapse Of Detective Dullight,” which leads straight into the nonsense-music of  “Penelope.” 



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