Video and audio


Do not clothe gentiles in hats of white

It may be useful, though I can’t imagine why, to listen to  Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night,” first–and then come, fully charged and weepy, to mine. The text of this poem was published in Solstice magazine, here, but the audio didn’t make it in. Here’s a chance to right that wrong, now in full high-fidelity audio.

Ursonate, a fragment

On the breezy island of Eckerö, a clip from my performance of Kurt Schwitters, Ursonate–an iconic sound poem.  If you’d like to see the performance that inspired me, check out Jaap Blonk here. Or Christian Bok’s version, with extra fumms! My own full version is in the works.

Rub Meat” Long may it reign!

This was written for the slam poetry stage, during my tenure as the founder of the Berklee slam poetry program. If you have any trouble understanding it, be sure to read the essay that is attached on the FUSION website.

Bisht Bosht Mudpies

My poem from This Book Makes No Sense: Nonsense Poems and Worse (Scholastic 2012).  Thanks to Joe Coroniti, Rekha Menon, and FUSION magazine.

Goat’s Tail

This is a musical adaptation by Michael Heyman (tabla, vocals) and Regie Gibson (percussion, vocals) of a 16th-century text by Tenali Ramalinga. This version comes from The Tenth Rasa, and is translated by Elchuri Muralidhara Rao. Dr. Rao, on the Solstice website, posted a great old-school version, in Telugu.

Talking About Nonsense

Lecture: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: One Hundred Fifty Years Later

A lecture at San Diego State University on the anniversary of Alice’s publication. Thanks to Joseph Thomas and SDSU. Stay tuned for a podcast from this time.

Interview: “Nonsenslitteratur og lydpoesi

Need I say more? This interview was conducted when I was the Resident Artist at the Eckerö Post and Customs House, on the Åland Islands, in May 2017. Click on the arrow to hear. We talk about what brought me to Eckerö and some very basic definitions of nonsense. Make sure to ask Google to translate the page to English and you will discover that I am (and proudly so), a “mum infant.”