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Welcome! This site is an archive, a beehive, a hand-jive, and a nose-dive into the nonsense arts, where you can read, hear, and see the various and varicose varieties of nonsense, as well as find resources to study them.


Read, See, Hear More Nonsense–This is the home of The Gromboolia Anthology of Nonsense, a place where you can explore and experience different kinds of nonsense art, including poems, stories, music, videos, and bonguses.

Stuff about nonsense, online–discussion and analysis of nonsense art, online. See the “Secondary Bibliography” for the complete list of online and offline sources.

Definitions of Nonsense Literature–Well, they try, anyway.

Jabberwokabout–the NEW blog


Primary sources, including anthologies

Secondary sources, including your Mom

Michael Heyman’s Isle of Boshen.–My corner of the website, with info, publications, performances, and hugshugshugs!