Nonsense at Eckerö Post & Tullhus: Poetry, Sound, and Strangeness: Tuesday, 30 May, 3pm

The Eiffel Tower

For all of you who happen to be in the Åland Islands, please do drop by this lecture/performance! I will be talking about nonsense, poetry, nonsense poetry, poetic nonsense, nonsensical poetasting, and pudding. I will also be whollopping the wilds with sound poetry, and tales of my study of the Kalevala and Ålandish lichen. This will top off my writing residency here, and afterwards, there shall be much gnashing of teeth and beating of mournful mungbuckets.

Click here for the Eckerö Post & Tullhus Facebook event site.

Nonsens at Eckerö Post & Tullhus: Poetry, Sound and Strangeness

Michael Heyman

Eckerö Post & Tullhus

Tuesday, May 30th, 3-4pm.


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